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FY - Online Fire Protection Grant Application ( OFPGA )

*For questions and technical support regarding the application, departments should initially contact their SFMO Fire Support Inspector.

Welcome to the Online New Mexico Fire Protection Grant Application

This web-app is in response to feedback from many New Mexico departments for a more user - friendly process. Your continued patience and understanding is appreciated as we work to improve the process and serve you better. 

Click here - Please read the eligibility requirements carefully before completing the application.

 On each page/section of the application, there is a question mark within a blue help icon. Click on the icon for information on how to complete the data entry on that page.

Should you have technical questions or experience problems navigating through the application, click on the Technical Support link  Your question will be answered within 2 business days.

Should you have questions specific to the content requirements of the application, click on the SFMO Fire Services Support Team link, describe the question, and click SEND. Your question will be answered within 2 business days.

You are now ready to begin entering the NM Fire Protection Grant application. A link to the user handbook is included below.

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